Doing the town hall thing

Me at the town hall

Me at the town hall

While surfing the various local city papers, I came across this great shot of me at last night’s town hall providing Big O with visual support.  I think its great that the team has decided to let me function in a multi-purpose capacity.  Gives me an enhanced sense of purpose, and yet another edge over that other guy, who is still going out of his way to get you to buy into the fact that he is still really the force behind by pictures (“ooooooh, that was just another type of display connected to my wonderful ports, that was still really me behind the scenes … I am so flexible  that I can connect to any kind of display … Love me, love me!”).  Some people are really shameless attention hogging narcissists.


Shameless poll

Can you believe this guy?

This is unbelievable!  I can’t even get credit when it is painfully obvious to anyone in the room, or not, for that matter.  Over on his blog you can even detect even a modicum of concern that he just might be losing his 15 minutes of fame.  TOTUS is claiming that HE was in the back of the room at tonight’s love in!  I am sorry, but that is simply ludicrous.  That is like Mr. B getting up there tonight trying to convince everyone that, no, he was in fact Big Boy!  No one would fall for that, that is just plain silly!  I know that you, my faithful friends understand the difference between a small sheet of glass, and a large and in charge pane of glass.

There is a new sheriff in town, long live the screen!

I’m an opportunist, sue me …

When I see an opportunity, I jump on it.  That crazy house of mirrors they call the teleprompter has been stealing my family’s glory for too long now.  Sure, we still own the studio TV market, but we have always desired to be in politics, not the best situation when those whose words we provide seek to hide our very existence.  Y0u see, we are full figured group.  Its hard to hide our form factor, we are who we are.  Sure we’ve slimmed down greatly over the last 10 years, but when the adoring public loves you for your size, its hard to push it too far.  Well, my sleek, glassy, angled friend, you’ve become a liability, your small form factor means you have to be all up in your puppet’s face, not good when they want you to disappear from the camera’s eye.  I have the upper hand now!  Put me in the back of the room, and my size becomes my advantage!

So, Mr. Teleprompter, I have two words for you … GAME ON!